Richard E. Lenski put some E. Coli in a jar and watched for 20 years. That’s 40,000 generations of bacteria.

He witnessed adaptation, natural selection, parallel evolution and more


Edge published a book on Dangerous Ideas.

Steven Pinker notes that science seeks to discover what reality is. Dangerous ideas are discoveries about reality that destroy pleasant fantasies and delusions. He phrases it more politely, of course.

John Hagel claims our views are “shifting from a Gaussian world to a Paretian world.” This will alter our understanding of probability and help us create more effective strategies (via John Robb).

“These are two very different ways of viewing the world, with some events following a Gaussian distribution (classic example: the heights of individual human beings) and other events following a Pareto distribution (classic examples: frequency of word use, size of human settlements, distribution of Internet traffic and intensity of earthquakes).”

The Gaussian Bell Curve usually describes patterns without interacting parts. The Paretian graph describes complex systems through Power Law which is P(k) ~ k^−γ.

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