As al-Qaeda is steadily destroyed and the Sunni Insurgency cooperates with the Americans, the Shia Tribes are turning on the militias.

The Sahwat continues.


“All the tribes agreed to fight al Qaeda until the last child in Anbar” – Ahmed Abu Risha.

National Security Strategy (from Small Wars Journal)

Strategic overwatch sounds like the US will continue fighting in Iraq for 5 years, but it’s much nicer than what civilians think.

Can I ask why Admiral William Fallon is in charge of CENTCOM? Alright, before I put on the uniform I want to say this while I’m still allowed to – why the fuck is this arrogant incompetent sailor in charge of land-wars? Sorry for the french.

Fallon is strongly committed to losing strategies and anyone who disagrees with him is a “chickenshit.” We got another Rumsfeld asshole in charge. My respect for Gen. Petraeus just shot up even more.

The US has disaggregated the Jaish al-Mahdi by separating the Iranian-backed “Special Groups”, the criminal mafias, and the “Noble” JAM loyal to Sadr. Sadr called for a six month ceasefire and suspension of JAM activity while he reorganizes the militia.

The US is opening negotiations with the “Noble” Jaish al-Mahdi. The idea is to temper the extremists by dividing and negotiating. This method shows JAM supporters that the “moderates” get results through diplomacy and politics while the violent factions get a bullet in the head.

I believe the gravest mistake in Iraq was to ignite a Jacobin revolution in the name of democracy. At worst, it sparks a violent terror to rapidly restructure society, and at best it leaves behind an unstable Illiberal Democracy.

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