These are posts I recommend

Network Warfare
Part I: Emergent Networks
Part II: Network Tactics and Structure
Part III: Defeating Hostile Networks
Part IV: Counterinsurgency

The Long War
Part I: Failed States
Part II: 4th Generation Warfare
Part III: Islamism
Part IV: Grand Strategy

Military Science:
Statistical Patterns of War: Complexity in Warfare, Scale Invariance of Terrorism, Power-Laws of War, Cycles of War, The Sandpiles of Man

Theory of War:
Friction in War
Politics in War
The Trinity
End of Civilizations
Political Boom and Bust
Bayes’ Theorem and Intelligence
OODA Decision Loops
Unreliable Allies
Youth Bulges
Modeling Civil Violence
Great Marianas Turkey Shoot
Culminating Point of the Attack
Cultural Concept of War
Just War and Laws in War
Conflicts of Interest
Constrained Options
International Law and Cooperation

Insurgent Ecology
Coercion and Intelligence
Game Theory and COIN
Myth of the Guerrilla
The COIN Gravity Well (with Credit to BlackFive)

4th Generation Warfare:
Disrupting Networks
The Ichneumon Wasp
The Global Commons
International Chokepoints
The Rise of Transnational Crime
Criminals at War
Preparing for Black Swans
Failure of Terrorism
Strange Balancing Mechanisms
Dampening Effects

The Global Islamist Insurgency:
Islamist Insurgencies
The Tribal Rebellion
Convergence of Radicals

Central Asia: The New Great Game; Great Power Conflicts in Central Asia, War in Waziristan

Iraq: Battle at the Heart of Islam, Zawahiri’s Message, Grand Strategy, Invasion, Ba’athist Insurgency, Sunni Insurgency, Sadr’s Uprising, Network Insurgency, Iraqi Awakening

Politics and Economics:
Political Atheism and Fantasy Ideologies
The New Tribalism
Transnationalism vs Democracy
Stable and Unstable Systems
Failure of Presidential Democracy
Illiberal Democracy
Arrow’s Impossibility Theorem
End of Hunger
Informal Economy
Marginalism and Poverty
Comparative Advantage
Art Theory and Reasoning
Anecdotes and Journalism
Diversity and Trust

America’s Small Wars Part I and Part II
The Chariot Revolution
The Fall of Rome: The Fall ; The Legions; The Fall of the Roman Economy.
Privateering and State Sponsorship
Battle of Grozny
The Battle of Lepanto
Battle of Bud Bagsak

Empiricism vs Idealism
Complex Adaptive Systems
Dunbar’s Number
Predators and Prey
Phase Transitions and Power Laws

The Stupidity of Nuance
Misleading Vividness
Residuals and Magical Explanations
Motives and Consequences
Falsely Asserting Motives
Disagreement and Evil Motives

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