I’m off to Basic and Officer Candidate School. To friends and family who read this, thanks.

I started this blog to explain what I thought were key concepts in military and international affairs. Like the BlackFive guys, I am frustrated by ignorant opinions and emotional rhetoric.

I learned a hell of a lot more too. My knowledge is still very limited but it’s best to realize this rather than toss irrational opinions around.

I believe we’re in a Long War that will continue throughout my generation. I can contribute something as an officer and I do think we can win this thing. I’ve tried to be upfront and honest about the current and future risks as well as our defenses.

So I’m heading off.
Military Motivator

And LTC White’s Ft. Benning Speech:

“When I see a man in a state of anxiety, I say, What can this man want? If he did not want something which is not in his power, how could he still be anxious?” – Epictetus

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Oh and guys, when you read through this blog, remember what Bruce Willis said: “Proofreading is for pussies.”