This has been bugging me for awhile. The Sunni Arabs ruled over the Kurds and Shia brutally with a totalitarian dictatorship for decades. The Sunnis were imperialists who ruled over their small empire in some form or another for generations.

When the Shia formed a government, they invited the Sunnis to join in 2004. The Sunni Arabs rebelled and supported a terror campaign against the Shia to restore the Sunni Empire.

Why, precisely, should the Shia reconcile with the Sunnis? I’m not even a Shia and I’m not in the mood to play nice with the Sunnis – many of whom continue to fight.

The Shia must be furious at the international world. The world public pretend that the Sunni Arabs are some kind of “national” resistance, and not a tiny minority of imperialists and tyrants.

The war will end when the Sunnis stop fighting. They will have to accept a weaker position in Iraq – because the Shia won this war.

The Kurds remember the Sunni Arab’s genocidal Anfal Campaign which killed over 200,000 Kurds – far more than the current war.

The Shia remember the brutal repression of 1991 which killed 200,000 more; the ethnic cleansing campaign of the Shia Marsh Arabs; and routine secret police oppression. The Sunni government suppressed many Shia religious practices.

And once out of power, Sunnis routinely attack Shias with terrorist bombings.

Shouldn’t the Sunnis reconcile with the Shia? They have a lot of reconciling to do, so they better start.