I want to briefly hit the topic of Pseudohistory.

I imagine this is an offshoot of identity politics. Historical narratives are twisted, regardless of evidence, to emphasize the tribe’s importance. Once you believe that history is just a narrative, then you crossed the line between empiricism and art.

Here’s a funny one to start. Feminist Pseudohistory – The Goddess. The entire world worshipped the Goddess and was organized matriarchically until evil men invented the alphabet and mathematics to banish the Goddess so they could oppress women.

I’m not kidding. Here’s one book: The Alphabet vs the Goddess. The alphabet and writing “rewired the human brain” you see:

Shlain argues that literacy reinforced the brain’s linear, abstract, predominantly masculine left hemisphere at the expense of the holistic, iconic feminine right one

Remember, the Alphabet rewired the human brain to abolish the Goddess. Not only is it pseudohistory, it’s a form of Feminist Creationism. Instant biological evolution if you scribble on a piece of paper.

Amongst the “historical” evidence cited: The Biblical 10 Commandments banned icons. The very worst thing of all was the printing press.

Here’s a quote of Shain’s:

But one pernicious effect of literacy has gone largely unnoticed: writing subliminally fosters a patriarchal outlook. Writing of any kind, but especially its alphabetic form, diminishes feminine values and with them, women’s power in the culture.

For a book that is a compilation of biological, historical, and metaphysical lunacy, it is surprisingly popular and gets a 4star rating on Amazon where reviewers gush how “thought provoking” it is.

Here’s a Biblical Pseudohistory. There is no archeological evidence that the Egyptians enslaved the entire Jewish Nation. The time period of this story also has another glaring error. When Moses was supposedly led the Jews out of Egypt to found Israel, the Egyptian Kingdom ruled over the Levant, including Israel. Whoops.

Forget about the frogs falling from the sky. The Biblical geopolitics were completely wrong. Ah but it’s a metaphor, yes? Okay. So it’s a good story. Yet for a long time, people accepted it as historical fact.

Here’s a more sinister one. The history of the Aryans. Around 1700 BC, the Steppe nomads invented the chariot and composite bow and conquered much of the civilized agricultural people. The Aryans were one of the charioteer groups that conquered the Indus River Valley. They fade away after that, like most Steppe conquerers.

But the “Aryan” legacy lived on and apparently these Aryans are resonsible for all the good things that happened in the world, as if they were leprechauns. I’m not sure which is stranger – the German or Iranian fascination with the Aryan master race. Persia renamed itself Iran during the 1930s to emphasize its Aryan heritage to go along with its attempt to bond with Nazi Germany.

Another example is Afrocentrism. We know the ancient Egyptians were a Semitic speaking people, along with other groups nearby – the Arabs, the Nubians, the Phoenicians and Hebrews.

Afrocentrists want to “reclaim” the Nile River Valley Civilization as their own. According to Afrocentrism, the Egyptians were black, not Semitic. After the Greeks conquered Egypt under Alexander the Great, many Greek intellectuals worked in the city of Alexandria. This included Euclid, who you see, was now black, so geometry is an African invention, not a Greek invention. Socrotes and Aristotle stole all their great ideas from Black Egyptians at the Library of Alexandria. Nevermind the city and library were built long after they died.

These Black Egyptians also invented flying machines. Ever wondered who was behind the slave trade? The Jews! The world is divided between the
superior “Sun People” (Africans) and the “Ice People” (Europeans and Jews) and the ice people are a negative evil spirit or something who take credit for the work of the Sun People. So say the pseudohistorians like Professor Leonard Jeffries at the City University of New York.

Besides the bizarre mythology as history, it also misses the point that mathematics and science do not belong to any race. Science and Math are universal.

Then there is the extremist fringe of Hindutva and their falsification of Indian history. Extremists also push a pseudoscientific theory of Vedic Science (exposed here and here)

For some reason, I find sunken city pseudohistories really annoying. Spacefaring civilizations lived on remote islands but were submerged and lost when the ocean level rose 1 millimeter per year.

The most absurd Pseudohistories can be spotted quickly enough. They often rely upon dubious evidence and ancient religious myths, or freshly invented mythologies like the Goddess.

But more seriously, what happens when the pseudohistory is not absurd? I think we all believe in minor pseudohistories. Sometimes facts are twisted for partisan benefit, but the myth sticks in people’s minds until the Big Lie becomes a form of conventional wisdom. Real historians look at the primary sources and realize that many people got something really seriously wrong.