Uncomfortable truth of the day: You can outsource businesses to Mexico or import Mexicans to the US.

The US, for some reason, is paying massive subsidies to certain US businesses to stay in the US despite a labor shortage.

This is about comparative advantage. American workers cannot simultaneously do multiple jobs at once. We have comparative advantage in certain tech jobs while the Mexicans have a comparative advantage in manufacturing and agricultural jobs.

I don’t understand the current system.

Honestly? It would be better if the US outsourced most of these jobs to Mexico. Mexico can grow corn and export it to the US. Manufacturing should be done in Mexico as well.

Outsources would create more jobs in Mexico, improves their economy, and stabalizes their society. It would also lower the prices on the imported goods so American consumers will benefit.

The current regime hoards the jobs in the US but requires a mass migration of Mexicans. This mass migration destabalizes both Mexico and the US. In Mexico, this divides families and disrupts regional economies. In the US, this leads to declines in wages and increases in social frustration and crime rates.

And let’s not forget that Mexico is at war.

I absolutely do not see the point of paying massive subsidies to big agribusinesses and factories to produce overpriced consumer goods in the US. Since they face a labor shortage, they have to import illegal Mexicans to work for minimum wage (or lower) – and then we have to pay for their welfare too.

No wait. It’s even worse. We do not have a shortage of agricultural workers. The government pays Big Agribusinesses large subsidies to not farm.

So why not send the jobs to Mexico instead? It’s better for Mexican workers, American consumers and taxpayers.