This must be the Islamist Healthcare Plan
All medical clinics not run by Hamas will be shut down. The vast majority of medical clinics and doctars were paid for by Fatah, so you can do the math.

Washington Post:

The Hamas rulers of the Gaza Strip ordered the shutdown Monday of private clinics run by doctors loyal to the West Bank-based Fatah government, a new blow to a medical system already crippled by the Palestinian power struggle.

Most doctors at Gaza’s public hospitals are paid by Fatah and loyal to its West Bank administration. They cut their daytime hospital schedule to three hours a day this month on Fatah’s orders to protest Hamas’ arrest of a prominent Fatah-linked physician.

The doctors have been receiving patients outside their newly shortened hours in expensive private clinics, which Hamas said it was closing immediately. Doctors who do not comply will be fired from their hospital jobs, and clinics will be scrutinized to ensure they are properly registered and licensed, Hamas officials said.