I confess, my experience in Huey Long’s state was not, well, pleasant.

The 2003 campaign for governor was really dirty. Bobby Jindal committed two major sins: 1) He was Indian 2) He was Catholic. The slime machine went into racist overdrive

There was a whisper campaign that the newsmedia missed or ignored. Blanco used her maiden name, Babineaux, in the rural and Cajun parts of the country. No problem so far, she emphasized her French ties in a heavily French state.

The whisper campaign got ugly, saying that Blanco was from the right country. The Indian heritage came under attack. I heard Jindal was an “imported n*****.” In other parts, they attacked his devout Catholicism.

I kid you not, in the white catholic parishes, Jindal was a foreign Indian and not American enough. In the black protestant parishes, he was a meanspirited Catholic.

There were fierce negative public ads against Jindal too. He declined to go negative and tried to run a purely positive campaign. He narrowly lost 52%-48%. Racism played a role, so it may very well have tilted the election. Jindal was the underdog and a virtual unknown before the election so it was shocking that he did so well.

The people probably regret the election after Katrina. Blanco is being hounded out of office and declined to run for re-election. She’s now one of the least popular governors in America.

Congressman Jindal is running for Governor. The best Democratic candidates, like former Senator John Breaux, have chosen not to run.

So what do you see today? The whisper campaign I heard in 2003 is now in full public view:

Can’t top that. Let’s see how long it takes for them to say they’re outsourcing American jobs to Indians like him.

But wait, are these attacks on his Catholicism even real? Nope. It’s all lies. Bold face, fact-free lies.

Captain’s Quarters paid to get Jindal’s published paper that they used to slander him.

In this, they cleverly write hyperbolic descriptions of his essays while hiding behind the knowledge that readers will have to pay to read them from New Oxford Review. For instance, the description on the essay I bought claims that “Jindal explains how Catholicism has more merit than all other Religions. Jindal states non-Catholics are burndened [sic] with “utterly depraved minds” and calls individuals who ignore the teachings of the Catholic church intellectually dishonest.”

When I read Jindal’s essay, however, it says nothing of the sort. Jindal quotes John Calvin as saying that all men are born “utterly depraved” and then argues against it

Calvin said all sorts of strange things. The utter depravity is part of Calvin’s extreme beliefs of predestination.

Remember: Imported N*****
Doesn’t get any more honest than that.