Pakistan and the US are starting their Hammer and Anvil strategy against the Taliban.

US and Afghan forces searching for militants on the Pakistani border have inflicted heavy casualties on al-Qaeda and Taleban fighters, officials say.

The governor of Ningrahar province said that the operation in Tora Bora was going “very well” and that al-Qaeda and the Taleban had suffered heavy losses.

But a spokesman for the governor, Nooar Agha Zwak, said he could not give precise casualty details.

The United States is closing off the eastern border of Afghanstan and pounding insurgents in the Tora Bora region. Behind the US wall, Americans, British and Afghani forces are executing a massive counterinsurgency operation to clear and hold the inner provinces, especially in the Pashtun region. The Pakistani military is placing Waziristan under siege and separating the Pashtun tribes from the Taliban insurgents.

The Afghan and Pakistani governments are now using variants of a counterinsurgency strategy that the US is using in Iraq. I figure this will take 5-10 years to pay off. This will give them more presence on the ground and increase diplomatic contact with the tribes. In the meantime, the Taliban suffers severe attrition from US attacks and cannot mount a serious counteroffensive to stop the COIN progress.