This is funny. AFP Posted a photograph of an elderly woman holding two bullet cartridges claiming they were fired into her home. Cartridges.

It’s easiest when the newsmedia debunks itself. Confederate Yankee tracked down the photographer that AFP hired as a stringer. He’s done similar staged photos in the past.

But still. He handed in photos of cartridges and claimed they were fired bullets. And the AFP editors ran with it.

This is the AFP caption:

An Iraqi elderly woman inspects a bullet which she says hit her bed during an alleged overnight raid by US and Iraqi troops in Baghdad’s impoverished district of Sadr City. Residents said two people were killed and four wounded during the raid.(AFP/Wissam al-Okaili)

So here’s a Bullet Guide for Journalist Dummies:
The little tip is called the bullet. The long cylinder is called the cartridge. The cartridge has all the gunpowder (that makes the big-bad gun go boom) and the spent cartridge is ejected out of the side of the gun. The little bullet flies out of the barrel. The bullet is what evil US stormtroopers use to kill babies. Stormtroopers do not throw cartridges at houses.

A US bullet is usually the M855 which has a green tip. It’s a 5.56, 62 grain bullet. With a green tip.

So not only did they falsely say the ammo was fired, but the ammo shown is almost definitely not used by Americans.

AFP is in the business of publishing Jaish al-Mahdi Propaganda. Well done.