Pvt Beauchamp denies his stories. The Army investigation concluded that the misconduct did not occur.

This is not an especially important story except for one fact. Beauchamp accused his company of committing war crimes and other misconduct. Desecrating graves is a violation of the Geneva Conventions and Iraqi Law so these allegations needed to be investigated. The investigations revealed that he wrote implausible fiction.

War crimes are a similar issue to police brutality. It’s impossible to prevent it entirely, but commanders must punish the criminals and prevent it from spreading. A flood of false and non-credible accusations of war crimes and police brutality make it difficult to uncover the real crimes. Yes, we must knock down losers who make up fables.

Pvt Beauchamp signed an sworn statement that he lied to TNR. If he lied to the Army investigators, then he made a False Official Statement, a felony equal to perjury. I think he was a dumbass in a bad situation so he confessed.

The New Republic made fools of themselves. This is an exact repeat of the Stephen Glass fiasco. Their reporter wrote out fantastic and vivid stories and the TNR declined to seriously fact check them before publishing. They smelled good, you see, so the editors did not actually have to confirm the stories. Outsiders expose the fables and TNR swears it will never publish another work of fiction again.

Worse, TNR actually covered up some evidence that exposed the stories as fiction.

Confederate Yankee followed this part of the story.

TNR discovered that Pvt Beauchamp fabricated the entire DFAC incident at FOB Falcon. To salvage it, they claimed the incident happened at Camp Buehring in Kuwait. For starters, that makes Beauchamp an outright liar. He specifically claimed the incident occurred in Iraq and that the war made him into a cruel person. If it happened in Kuwait (and that is looking very unlikely) then he’s just an asshole who was never exposed to war, so his whole fable had no meaning.

TNR did not publish Major Russo’s denial of these allegations. She is a PAO in Kuwait and investigated the new claim. She found no evidence and believes that it was an urban legend or a lie. TNR, inexplicably, refused to publish this in their correction.

Beauchamp is denying everything now. Well, yes kid, when you accuse soldiers of war crimes, there will be criminal investigations. This is not fun and games where you can display your poetic merit, or lack thereof. TNR hired a second Stephen Glass.