There was always something more to this story. Now some details are emerging.

Dubai Ports World offered the US a deal to manage the portsof six major American ports. They would pay for major security upgrades and greater efficiency while Homeland Security provided the actual security as always.The deal was excellent on its own merits. But that wasn’t the real reason.

In secret, Dubai and Washington agreed on to cooperate on a very expansive human intelligence system. Dubai would allow the CIA to plant agents throughout all ports run by DP World. This includes Pakistan, China, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, and many others. The addition of human intelligence throughout the worlds port systems made it an amazing deal. This was obviously a secret reason that could not be revealed.

Unfortunately blind xenophobia and absurd accusations of “outsourcing” killed the deal and weakened American security.

Rowan Scarborough offers the rundown on the secret CIA deal.

The controversy began when Chuck Schumer blasted the bill out of blind xenophobia and ignorance. Dubai is a major American ally in our current war. But… it was Arab, Muslim, and foreign. So clearly they could not be trusted.

Port Security remains in American hands but opponents used words like “outsourcing.” Outsourcing is good thing in both the economy and military, so I’m not sure why that is assumed to be a negative. This deal would have outsourced our human intel and would have provided a massive improvement to our national security.

“Should we be outsourcing our own security?” Sen Chuck Schumer

Thank you for making our country weaker.

Here’s Michelle Malkin: “STOP THE PORT SELLOUT”

Thank you for making our country weaker.

There was an interesting political breakdown on this issue.
Opponents of the deal:
Sen Schumer, Sen Clinton, Sen Kerry, Sen Menendez, Sen Corzine, New York Times, Lou Dobbs, Michelle Malkin, The John Birch Society, Sean Hannity etc.

Thanks for making our country weaker.

Supporters of the deal
President Bush, President Carter, Sen Warner, Sen McCain, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Thomas Friedman, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Israel, etc.

Thanks for trying.

National Security is too important to be tainted with xenophobia and partisan politics.