Scientists invented super-strong  Carbon-based Paper.

Researchers have developed a remarkably simple way to convert ordinary graphite particles into very thin but superstrong sheets that are tougher than steel and as flexible as carbon fiber but can be made much more cheaply. The discovery could spawn entirely new types of materials for applications as diverse as protective coatings, electronic components, batteries, and fuel cells.

For tensile strength and stiffness, carbon is king.

And it’s better than nanotubes

A research team from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, has assembled particles of graphene oxide, a form of graphite and a cousin of diamonds, into very thin sheets that are even stronger than those made of the nanotubes.

This type of paper remains strong in the air, but degrades when placed in water. It won’t be useful if it’s exposed to the weather for a lengthy period of time. It still have many possible uses.