Here are the top 10 discoveries of the two Mars Rovers. The rovers were expected to last only three months, but they are still rolling three years later. Dust Devils, which are like small tornados, are cleaning the solar panels on the rovers.

Number One Discovery: Mars had Water

And there is lots of sulfer meaning Mars smells like rotting eggs.

The Rovers are collecting lots of information on Mars’ geology, atmosphere, and tempature. This gives scientists the ability to create better robots and exploration vehicles.

Here’s the list:

10 – Opportunity provides tantalizing glimpse of Victoria crater
9 – Evidence of volcanic origin for Gusev crater
8 – First meteorite identified on another planet
7 – Discovery of sulfur suggests Mars stink
6 – Helps scientists determine that Mars had three distinct geological eras.
5 – Martian dust devils captured on film.
4 – First shot of Earth from distant planet.
3 – Photographs Earth-like clouds on Mars.
2 – Helps scientists create first atmospheric temperature profile of Mars.
1 – First definitive evidence that water flowed on mars, including blueberries, hematite, and silica.

A related discover is peroxide snow. Yes, it snows hydrogen peroxide. Dust devils create a static electricity charge that forms bleaching chemicals. This sterilizes the soil on Mars.