So-called green technology sounds better on paper than in practice.

Windmills, ethanol, and other sources of energy require vast amount of lands and are inefficient energy sources. Ethanol is particularly bad, since it harms our food supply.

Nuclear is the only true environmentally friendly energy source.

The idea of biofuel or windmills sounds good at first. Energy, however, needs to be mass-produced. That requires a lot of windmills. That’s a lot of corn wasted.

Renewables are “boutique fuels” says Ausubel, of Rockefeller University in New York, US. “They look attractive when they are quite small. But if we start producing renewable energy on a large scale, the fallout is going to be horrible.”

Here’s why Ethanol will not work:

Biomass energy is also horribly inefficient and destructive of nature. To power a large proportion of the USA, vast areas would need to be shaved or harvested annually. To obtain the same electricity from biomass as from a single nuclear power plant would require 2500 square kilometers of prime Iowa land. “Increased use of biomass fuel in any form is criminal,” remarks Ausubel. “Humans must spare land for nature. Every automobile would require a pasture of 1-2 hectares.”

So what does work? Nuclear power.

Ausubel has analyzed the amount of energy that each so-called renewable source can produce in terms of Watts of power output per square meter of land disturbed. He also compares the destruction of nature by renewables with the demand for space of nuclear power. “Nuclear energy is green,” he claims, “Considered in Watts per square meter, nuclear has astronomical advantages over its competitors.”

A big problem with Wind Farms is not just the land usage. It’s that wind is irregular so it is undependable source of energy.

Many so-called Green ideas are actually bad for the enviornment. “Organic” Farming uses far more land than regular farming to grow the same size crop. Plug-in electric cars run on coal, which considerably worse for the environment than oil.

There are some interesting ideas that may one day work. One of the cleaner sources of efficient energy is Hydroelectric. We’ve dammed up a number of rivers already, and cannot expand river hydroelectric much more. A new idea is to use the ocean by using a kind of tidal harness.