Shia and Sunni Tribes have agreed to ally and fight al-Qaeda and other insurgent organizations. This expands on the Anbar Awakening Model. The tribes will provide militiamen to form neighborhood watches and will provide the building blocks for the local police and government.

The reconciliation of Iraqi Tribes provides the foundation for the future governments of Iraq. Our attention should be focused on the local and provincial governments, and not the detached central government. The “Iraqi Awakening” continues to spread and is building

Diplomacy with the tribes in Iraq and Afghanistan is carried out by military officers. They arrange meetings, negotiate, and arbitrate local disputes. The US is enjoying great progress in Iraq today as more and more tribes join the coalition.

Sunni and Shia tribal sheiks from Iraqi villages of Aqar Qaf, Bassam, Salamiyat and Fira Shia moved closer to reconciliation Monday here during a meeting facilitated by the 1st Battalion, 37th Field Artillery Regiment.

The sheiks put aside their differences to end violence in their villages and met to discuss ways of starting neighborhood watch programs made up of volunteers to protect their communities.

According to U.S. Army Lt. Col. Kenneth Kamper, commander of 1st Bn., 37th FA Regt., the sheiks are tired of attacks on innocent civilians and Coalition forces in their neighborhoods and want to put an end to the presence of al-Qaeda and other insurgent groups operating there.

Foreign politicians do not understand the tribal structures of Iraq. Senators like Joe Biden seem to think that Iraq is neatly divided between Kurds, Arab Sunnis, and Arab Shia and they can be neatly partitioned. The Iraqi do not want such a division. Some tribes are mixed Shia and Sunni. The problem is more complex for urban populations, especially Baghdad.

Tribal families cannot and will not be segregated according to the artificial desires of foreign airhead politicians. The tribes are highly integrated in the economy and cannot be easily broken apart.

Instead, a focus on tribal politics will allow Iraq to be reconstructed from the bottom-up.