Popular Mechanics describes the latest advances.

PHEVs will outperform normal hybrids without suffering the deficiencies of old-style electrical cars. You can plug them in overnight to charge the battery then drive 20 miles, afterwards, it works like a normal hybrid.

Environmentalists should not cheer. Regular hybrids and Plug-in Electric cars are worse for the environment than gasoline-powered cars.

Cars are not powered by “electric.” An electric car is powered by coal. Gasoline emits less pollution than goal.

The Hybrid Batteries are horrible for the environment. It’s better to buy a Hummer than a Prius if you sincerely care about ecologies.

PHEV’s will actually make pollution worse, thanks to hybrid batteries and extra coal burning.

The only way to make electric cars environmentally efficient is to switch the electrical powergrid to Nuclear Power. Nuclear Powered cars would be a great improvement.

That said, PHEV’s are an interesting way of reducing dependency on oil. The US is the “saudi arabia” of coal, so we will not face exogenous shocks on the energy supply. Switching from oil to coal would be economical and politically sound, although a bit rough on the environment. Switching from oil to nuclear would be the best of alternatives.