The Democrats intend on stripping the John Doe immunity from the homeland security bill.

The bill would protect citizen informants from lawsuits. Civilians are encouraged to report on suspicious behavior that may involve terrorism and other crimes. The police keep the informants anonymous for their own safety. Criminals and terrorists do everything they can to silence informants.

Security forces are inert until they receive actionable intelligence. Most intel comes from informants. It’s the basis of any spy network. The information is collected from decentralized sources (ie regular people) and used by security forces to take preventative action.

Criminals try to squelch or intimidate “snitches” and informants. This ranges from murder to lawsuits. Lawsuits claim that informats are actually racists and should be intimidated into silence.

The false racism charge is an old tactic. The Mafia used this lawfare strategy long before Islamists.
The Italian American Civil Rights League claimed that anti-mafia investigations were really an anti-Italian prejudice. They used the Civil Rights movement in the 1970s to hinder police investigations of mafia families. The IACRL campaigned to eliminate the words Mafia and Cosa Nostra in DoJ documents. Frank Sinatra held a concert to raise funds and awareness for the organization. They staged boycotts of organizations that displayed this “Anti-Italian” bias.

Who ran the IACRL? The Colombo Crime Family.

Lesson Learned? No.

Today the Democratic Party is trying to strip informants of necessary protection. This means US citizens will be sued if they aid police in counter-terrorism investigations. Further, revealing informant identities increases the chances that American citizens will be murdered.

This would crippled CT and encourage anti-snitching efforts for all criminal activity.

And the Democrats killed John Doe Immunity in Committee. Hey, if you see anything suspicious, the Democrats want you to be murdered or sued. Good luck out there.