The Ubaidi and Anbakia tribes signed a cease-fire agreement and put aside their old disputes.

This follows the Anbar Salvation Council model. It unites the provincial tribes against Al-Qaeda and convinces them to put aside differences between each other and the central Iraqi government. The Sunni Tribes used to be the core component of the insugency, so their alliance with the US cannot be understated.

From the article:

Sheik Hamed Hazber Hasan Abdal al-Anbak, paramount sheik for the Anbakia tribe, and a key tribal leader from the Ubaidi tribe, have been meeting for the past several months to discuss and work through grievances between their respective tribes.

By signing the peace agreement, the tribes agreed to “swear by God and his holy book Koran that we will unite in fighting terrorism in our areas.”

“The commitment of the tribes to sign this treaty signifies that the people of Diyala continue to feel disdain toward the hatred of al-Qaida and other terrorist groups throughout the province,” said Sutherland. “Just as the people of Buhriz, Tahrir, Mufrik and Khatoon have done, the Ubaidi and Anbakia tribes will show the terrorists that the people control the area because of their strength through unity.”

Values. The Arab people are rising against Al-Qaeda and related Salafist political ideologies.

The Diyala Tribes, the 1920s, and others helped US forces and the ISF retake the Diyala Province and clear Al-Qaeda terrorists from the area. They are providing intelligence, policemen, and neighborhood watches that will be critical in holding the province over the long-term.

This is generally a good thing (although the Shia and Kurds may not like it). Literally, the US allied with the Iraqi Insurgents against Al-Qaeda terrorists. Insurgents stopped fighting the US and Iraqi forces and are rising against Al-Qaeda’s. In return, they will be strengthened against Shia militias and given de-facto amnesty. They can work to reconstruct the war-torn Sunni regions of Iraq from the bottom up.

The downside? The US is basically arming every insurgent these days. What will they do when they finish off Al-Qaeda? I imagine Iraq will emerge in a 3-way balance of power.