There is a movement to create a “Global Islamist Insurgency” under the umbrella of al-Qaeda. Local insurgents can link themselves ideologically and logistically to al-qaeda to gain greater access to resources. This also enables Islamists to better coordinate their campaigns to wage a single global jihad.

So far, they have started a large number of wars and terrorist campaigns. There have been very few absolute victories. Sudan, and to a lesser extent Gaza, are the only regions under political control of Islamists. Islamist movements lost many of these wars and have made no real progress on other fronts.

This post will describe the range of conflicts without much commentary

David Kilcullen’s map of ongoing Sunni Islamist insurgencies:

This focuses purely on the Sunni Islamist fronts. The Shia fronts are smaller and more directly led by Iran (as is the case of Hezbollah in Lebanon and the Jaish al-Mahdi in Iraq).

Islamist Theatres of Operation

Americas, Australia, and Europe: Muslim immigrants provide funding for Islamist wars overseas. They also provide domestic recruits for terrorist campaigns to deter Western intervention.

The primary battlefronts are in the Middle East, Northern Africa and Central Asia. Islamists are expanding operations with South-East Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Sunni Islamist Battlefronts since the 1980s:
(Note: Incomplete WIP List)

Interstate Wars:
Israel-Palestine (2000-2006)
Eritrea-Ethiopia (1998-2000)
Somalia-Ethiopia (2006-present)

Civil Wars:
Afghanistan (1992-2001)
Algeria (1992-2002)
Bosnia (1992-1995)
Ivory Coast (2002-2005)
Kosovo (1999)
Palestine (2006-present)
Somalia (2006)
Sudan (1983-2005)
Tajikistan (1992-1997)

Sudan, Darfur (2003-present)

Afghanistan (2001-present)
Algeria (2002-present)
Bangladesh (1999-present)
China, Xinjiang (1990s-present)
Ethiopia (1990s-present)
India, Kashmir (1947-present)
Indonesia (1990s-present)
Iraq (2003-present)
Kyrgyzstan (2000-present)
Lebanon (2007)
Nigeria (2003-present)
Pakistan (1940s-present)
Philippines (1960s-present)
Russia, Chechnya (1994-1996; 1999-present)
Saudi Arabia (2003-present)
Syria (1982)
Thailand (2004-present)
Uzbekistan (2000-present)

There are minor insurgencies and terrorist campaigns in:
the United States, Australia, European Union, Russia, India, Arabia, Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Malaysia, and other locations.