Front organizations serve as a way to spread false information and collect intelligence. CAIR is a Muslim Brotherhood front organization.

Since 2001, CAIR membership dropped 94%. In 2000, it had 29,000 dues paying members, but by 2006 they had 1,700. CAIR does not receive sufficient funding from American Muslims to exist. So who funds them? Overseas Islamists, the Brotherhood, and the Saudis.

It is very comforting that real American Muslims do not view CAIR as their spokesman. CAIR simply postured as if it was the real leader of all American Muslims. CAIR, however, does not represent Shia, Asian-Muslims, and the American blacks’ Nation of Islam. Even the small set of Arab Sunni Muslims refuse to support CAIR and its activities. CAIR continues to pretend it is the one legitimate authority in the Muslim community anyway. The claim that CAIR fights for “civil rights” is a sham that should be exposed.

Aaron Mannes investigated CAIRs history and links to the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Brotherhood was really the first Islamist political party. It has branches outside of Egypt and the most famous is the Islamic Resistance Movement (HAMAS). Islamists founded a front organization in the United States to illegally funnel “charity” money to the Brotherhood, serve as a recruitment center, and use a public relations campaign to ease international pressure on the party.

Mannes graphed out the CAIR-HAMAS Social Network.

Musa Abu Marzuq, currently the deputy chief of Hamas’ political bureau, earned his Ph.D. in industrial engineering in the United States. Living in the United States from 1981 to 1992 he worked for Hamas. In 1989 he was elected head of Hamas’ political bureau and after Hamas founder Sheikh Yassin’s 1989 arrest he effectively ran Hamas from the United States

Abu Marzuq helped found the United Association for Studies and Research and the Islamic Association for Palestine. The Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP) was Hamas’ U.S. arm. However, in 1994 then IAP President Omar Ahmad advised then IAP PR director Nihad Awad to start a new organization devoted to combating anti-Muslim discrimination in the U.S.

CAIR does three things for the Brotherhood
1) It wages Information Warfare against Israel and the United States on behalf of Islamists.
2) It impedes investigations of Islamists by claiming that any investigations are “anti-Muslim discrimination”
3) It secretly raises funds for Brotherhood activities in the Middle East by running corrupt charity scams.

CAIR’s lack of American membership is not a real impediment. Egyptians, Saudis, and other overseas radicals provide all the funding CAIR needs.

CAIR and ISNA are an unindicted co-conspirators in an ongoing terrorist investigation. A large number of its leaders and workers have already been imprisoned for funding terrorist activities overseas.

The filing also for the first time identified ISNA, NAIT, and MAYA as part of the U.S. structure of the Muslim Brotherhood. It listed CAIR as a member of the “US Muslim Brotherhood’s Palestine Committee.”

CAIR and these other front organizations gave money to the “Holy Land Foundation” – a group listed as a terrorist organization.

The inclusion of any on the list of unindicted co-conspirators means this: because the defendants and those listed people/entities communicated about matters within a conspiracy designed to provide material support to Hamas, all of those particular communications are admissible in court as exception to the hearsay rule.

CAIR long denied that it was an MB front organization. All evidence shows otherwise.

Their “support” for Muslim Civil Rights is unique as well. CAIR frequently takes positions on foreign policy, especially Palestine. In short, CAIR openly supports Islamist insurgencies and wars and opposes American intervention in these wars. For example, in 2006, CAIR praised the al-Qaeda linked Islamic Courts Union of Somalia and their violent takeover of the country. Ethiopia and the US overthrew the ICU against CAIR wishes. CAIR obviously supports HAMAS in Gaza today, but it also supports many other radical Islamist organizations.

CAIR is exactly like the WWII Nazi front organization, theGerman-American Bund. So far, it looks like it will meet the same fate. It’s membership is very small and half of its leaders are going to prison.