The Islamist Radicals are often Middle Class professionals, like the the doctors who recently attacked the UK.

This isn’t surprising. The Islamist movement is a radical political ideology. Its strength comes from the middle class and disaffected college students in big cities. The Muslim Brotherhood, the largest Islamist Party is primarily an urban middle class movement, not a movement of the poor farmers.

This goes against the Media Wisdom that radicals are poor and disenfranchised.

“It’s not that surprising for doctors and engineers to be involved in political Islamist movements — both of the violent and the more moderate sort,” said Taner Edis, associate professor of physics at Truman State University in Missouri and author of “An Illusion of Harmony: Science and Religion in Islam.”

He and other researchers who study Islamist movements say that the involvement of doctors and engineers in terrorism is not shocking. Muslim scientists are among the most politicized groups in the region, and the Muslim approach to the scientific method, in the most extreme cases, can squelch the freewheeling curiosity at the heart of scientific discovery.

“Fundamentalist-type attitudes are relatively common among people in applied science in the Muslim world,” Edis said. “The conception has been that modern science is developed outside, and we need to bring it into our societies without it corrupting our culture.”

A basic axiom of Islamic science is that all science is revealed in the Koran. Everything can be deduced from the religious texts. Instead of searching for empirical reality, they filter through any fact to make sure it fits within their deductive framework first. This leads to weird conclusions.

Nor are such militants limited to the Arab world; they are among a list of radical doctors and scientists who have risen in leftist, and extremist movements and groups in recent decades in the West, Asia and the Arab world, including Che Guevara.

The Cuban Revolution was led by lawyers, doctors, professors and engineers. Likewise, the Nazi Party was supported by German universities.

Eric Hoffer pointed out that the impoverished man does not care about grand political ideals. He only cares about his day to day struggle to live. It is the educated Middle Class man that is wealthy enough to dream and join the mass movements.