The fallout continues over Congress’ decision to betray Colombia. Congress Holds Colombia Hostage Congress is actively blocking economic development and counterinsurgency operations in Colombia.

Other allies Congress plan to betray: South Korea, Peru, Iraq, Afghanistan. Congressional Approval Rating? 14%. Just reminding them.

It’s very simple. The Democratic Congress believes it can dictate US policies to our allies without showing them any respect. Congres punishes them by withholding trade and military aid. Congress accepts communist propaganda as truth and accuses close democratic allies of warcrimes as if they were some rogue military junta? I discussed this in more detail here. Congressional arrogance is only matched by its ignorance.

It was couched in syrupy language, but it was as bad a blow to Colombia as any dealt by its enemies. The U.S. House Committee on Ways and Means, in a statement by Democrats Nancy Pelosi, Charles Rangel and Sander Levin declared the Democratic Party would deny free trade indefinitely to 46 million Colombians over a few dozen unsolved murders of union activists in the last year.

The trade pact Colombia negotiated in good faith with the U.S. and which it needs to sustain its dramatic economic recovery from the ruins of a 44-year war must wait until Democrats arbitrarily decide they’re satisfied with the violence level. This gives every anti-free trade Colombian thug an incentive to keep killing.

How Colombia could satisfy the Democrats was something a Pelosi spokesman told us he had no specifics about and “would have to get back to” us on. (He hasn’t.)

Although Colombia critically needs a free trade pact to sustain investment, curb its illicit drug trade and end tariffs for U.S. companies, this didn’t seem to matter.

In 2007, 3 union officals were killed. In 2006, 72 were killed. 10 years ago, 275 were killed. I’ve never heard such a bogus excuse to withhold critally needed aid.

Millions of Colombians instead issued a people’s cry last Thursday against the more serious enemy of their country’s well-being — the Marxist FARC narcoterrorists. They marched through the streets of Bogota, Medellin and Cali — calling for an end to the violence from the radical left. Led by Uribe himself, the first million-plus protest in Colombia in decades was triggered by the cold-blooded murder of 11 legislators by FARC, who held the elected leaders for five years before killing them.

Publius Pundit
is starting up a public campaign to support Colombia. He’s not a communist murdering democratic politicians, so Congress won’t listen to him.