This is an excerpt of Clement Vallandigham’s Speech to House of Reps, January 14th 1863 on the Civil War.

This is a direct attack against Abraham Lincoln

“But we, also, of the North and West, in every State and by the thousands, who have dared so much as to question the principles and policy, or doubt the honesty, of this Administration and its party, have suffered everything that the worst despotism could inflict, except only loss of life itself upon the scaffold. Some even have died for the cause by the hand of the assassin. And can we forget? Never, never. Time will but burn the memory of these wrongs deeper into our hearts. But shall we break up the Union? Shall we destroy the government because usurping tyrants have held possession and perverted it to the most cruel of oppressions? Was it ever so done in any other country? In Athens? Rome? England? Anywhere? No, sir,; let us expel the usurper, and restore the Constitution and laws, the rights of the States, and the liberties of the people; and then, in the country of our fathers, under the Union of our fathers, and the old flag –the symbol once again of the free and the brave – let us fulfill the grand mission which Providence has appointed for us among the nations of the earth.”