Satellite imagery has improved US military recon for decades. Unfortunately, the intelligence agencies in charge of government satellites are disconnected from the the soldiers and marines on the ground. A captain of a Marine company wants immediate satellite images of a region, but he has to run through weeks of bureaucratic hoops to get the images when his mission is tomorrow. So he opens his laptop, uses Google Earth and gets the images in 10 minutes.

Al-Qaeda googles too.

It’s becoming harder to hide anything. In the old days, you could move things around at night. Modern technology rendered that obsolete, but there used to be tricks to conceal objects from high-flying aircraft or satellites. Satellites were easy – you could time their orbits and move the materials while there was nothing overhead. Now? There’s almost always something overhead.

Case in point: China created a new submarine model capable of launching nuclear missiles. Google Earth has been taking many pretty pictures of it, seen here.

Google has also been documenting Camp 22 in North Korea.
Here’s a Google Tour of a communist death camp.
Holocaust Now: Looking Down Into Hell at Camp 22