Here’s the sample Test.

This is the wave equation. How does it make you feel?

Wellington Grey makes a serious point. The UK Department of Education has restructured the way physics are taught. No longer is it a science with rigorous mathematics.

The thing that attracts pupils to physics is its precision. Here, at last, is a discipline that gives real answers that apply to the physical world. But that precision is now gone. Calculations — the very soul of physics — are absent from the new GCSE. Physics is a subject unpolluted by a torrent of malleable words, but now everything must be described in words.

Scientific argument is based on quantifiable evidence. The person with the better evidence, not the better rhetoric or talking points, wins.

The UK DoE no longer teachs physics. What they teach, no one knows, least of all the students.

This is not a new trend. Education Departments oppose logical positivism and empiricism in history and the soft-sciences. Arguments are based on emotional appeal and clever vocabulary rather than empirical evidence. This is absurd. I hoped that harder sciences would hold up better, but apparently they have not.